Tournament Rules

General Rules

  1. Standard “non-contact” hockey rules apply, and are based on the CARHA Rules and Regulations.
  2. Icing will be called automatically when the puck crosses the end zone red line.
  3. There is no centre red line for passing.
  4. Slap shots are not allowed (above the knee) and will result in a stoppage of play. The faceoff will be in the other team’s zone.  Penalties may be called at the referee’s discretion for intent to injure.
  5. Challenging official calls or swearing will result in a ten (10) minute misconduct.  Repeat infractions will result in a game misconduct.


  1. All participants must sign the game sheet before each game to play in the tournament.
  2. By signing the game sheet, participants are agreeing to and accepting the conditions of the Participant Waiver and the Tournament Rules.
  3. All participants must follow the rules of the tournament.


  1. All players must be practicing MDs, retired MDs, Residents, or Medical Students.
  2. All players must be in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  MDs in good standing from other jurisdictions may be able to play upon review by the tournament Chairman and Docs on Ice Executive.
  3. Players can only play for 1 team (goalies from the Goalie Pool may play for multiple teams if required by the Chairman; see below).
  4. A maximum of four (4) Residents are allowed per team, including the goalie.
  5. Medical Students can only play in the Medical Student Division.
  6. Violation of these rules will result in disqualification of the offending team from the tournament.

Goalie Pool

  1. The host Chairman will maintain a goalie pool for teams in need of a goalie.
  2. This will consist of MD and Non-MD goalies, organized by skill level.
  3. The Chairman will randomly assign goalies to teams upon request by the Team Captain as follows:
    • MD Goalie of the same level not playing for another team
    • MD Goalie of the same level from other teams who are willing to play extra games
    • Local Non-MD Pool Goalie with skill at similar level
    • Non-MD goalie with skill at similar level that plays with the team from their home club – at the discretion of the Chairman.


  1. All teams must wear matching jerseys.
  2. The visiting team must ensure that they are not wearing the same colour jersey as the home team.
  3. Helmets with a minimum half-visor are mandatory for all players.  Cages and CSA approved equipment are strongly encouraged.


  1. Games will be two (2) periods of twenty-two (22) minutes each, running time.
  2. There will be stop time in the final two (2) minutes of the second period if the goal differential is two (2) or less.
  3. Each team will play two (2) games on Friday and two (2) games on Saturday, except for medical student teams who may one to two (1-2) games on Friday and two to three games (2-3) games on Saturday.
  4. Head to head play will occur between all teams within a division, in a round-robin format.
  5. The winner of a game will be the team with the most goals at the end of regulation time.
  6. In the event of a tie, both teams obtain one (1) point.


  1. Minor: 3 minutes
  2. Third Minor: Ejection from game
  3. Major: 7 minutes
  4. Second Major: Ejection from game and tournament
  5. Fighting: Ejection from game and tournament
  6. Intent to Injure: Ejection from game, tournament, and future Docs on Ice tournaments

Points and Determining Divisional Champions

Win: 2 points
Tie: 1 point

Divisional winners are the team with the most points obtained during round-robin play. Divisional winners will be promoted up to the next Division the following year. The lowest finishing team in each division will be moved down to the next Division the following year.

Ties will be broken as follows:

  1. Winner of the head to head game between the 2 teams in question;
  2. Goal Differential: Goals For – Goals Against.  Maximum goal difference of seven (7) per game;
  3. Goal Quotient: Goals For / (Goals For + Goals Against);
  4. First goal scored in head to head;
  5. Least number of penalty minutes;
  6. Chairman coin toss.