Terms of Reference

  • The Docs on Ice Tournament is a charity doctors hockey tournament.
  • The purpose of the tournament is to raise money for a local charity in the host city, and to bring physicians together to play hockey in the spirit of charity, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.
  • You must be an MD to play in this tournament.  For medical students, there is a special medical student division.
  • The host city will select an MD from their team to be Chairman for the tournament.
  • The Chairman will organize a local committee to assist with the management of the tournament.
  • The current Chairman will lead a Docs on Ice Executive meeting at the Docs on Ice tournament each year.  This will include a discussion of tournament issues, rules, disciplinary actions, future tournament planning, and other related issues.
  • The current Chairman and committee will hand over the tournament at its completion to the following year, and will help with the transition process to the next year.
  • The planning and financial information from each tournament will be transparent, and passed forward to each new year.
  • $5000 seed money will be passed from the current year to the following year to help start their tournament.