Friday March 28 Schedule

  • 8 AM to 5 PM Hockey Games – here is the schedule and maps for the arenas.
  • We highly recommend that you head to Picnic Cafe to fuel up before the game. Open at 7:00 AM for amazing coffee & breakfast options. 1865 Rogers Road. Owned and operated by the wife of one of the SOL. Then head back to the cafe or to Weatherhead Brew Co. for lunch (11:00 AM – 4:00 PM). 
  • Physiotherapy and massage therapy will be available free of charge at some of the arenas – here is the schedule.
  • Test drive an Audi A7, A8, Q8 and a RS5 at the Smiths Falls Memorial Community Center all day.
  • Sign up to win one of 15 “shots” to win a year’s lease of one Audi at the Smiths Falls Memorial Community Center during the day time and at the Perth Old Show Factory during the evening.  Draw at 10:00 PM during the EPIC Party.
  • 6 PM to 11 PM EPIC Party at The Old Perth Shoe Factory, 1 Sherbrooke Street, Perth (see Map below) – for some clues of what we are preparing please check out our the docsonice2019 Instagram.
  • There will be multiple rooms with various styles.
  • Family members are invited to attend with the purchase of a ticket at $100.00 per adult.  Children under 18 year of age should not attend this event. You may purchase a ticket by sending us a message at