2019 Registration

The Sons of Lanarky are having great fun making this year’s Tournament an epic experience for you!

Here is an opportunity for you to make this year’s tournament an epic one for our small, highly effective, local charities.

In order to qualify for this year’s tournament, you will be required to register for the tournament and also accumulate donations totalling up to at least $300. Here is a link to our  Registration FAQ page where we explain why we believe this change will be beneficial.  In brief, raise more funds for charitable organizations, keep administrative cost as low as possible, have every player fundraise the same minimum amount regardless of the size of their team, and give a tax receipt to donors.

There are only three steps needed to accomplish this:

Step 1: Registering

Step 2: Copying your fundraising page link and making sure you are logged out of CanadaHelps

Step 3: Accumulating donations

VERY IMPORTANT – No-one playing in the tournament can be named as a donor. Someone other than you must be named on the tax receipt!

We know you are trained to ask the question “why” and not follow a cook-book, but in this case, we ask you to simply follow the detailed, step-by-step instructions we have provided, complete with pictures and arrows.  

Each step takes 1-2 minutes.

Step 1: Registering

1. Please read these instructions and follow them to complete your registration.  The registration link is provided at the bottom of this page.

2. Please select the “Find a Team or Person” box.  A field to type your team’s name will appear under this box.
Do not type in any other box. Do not create a team.

3. Type your team’s name is this field box and click on the search button to its right.
4. Once the site has retrieved the list, click on your team name with the Page Type “Team Page“. Please DO NOT t select the “Team Captain Page”

5. Click on the “Join this Team” button at the bottom right corner.
  1. Enter your email address, confirm this address, and create an account.

Enter the rest of your data, including name, address,  Jersey number, T-shirt size, your cell phone number and your preferences for managing the site. You can leave the account type on personal and the company name blank.

Click on the “Continue” button.

You are Registered! Congrats!

Step 2: Copying your fundraising page link and making sure you are logged out of CanadaHelps

This will give you the following page with your short URL address to copy and sent to your family and friends.

Once done please do not forget to log out as this is a very important step.

Step 3: Accumulating donations

Get Fundraising!

Use the personal link and paste it into an email to your friends and family, and/or post it on Facebook, Twitter, …

Let your friends and family know that if you are a top donation receiver, you will win the experience of a lifetime.

You will then be amazed at how cheerfully people will donate for you. The people our charities serve so well will end up to be even better off. Thank you.

Here is the link to CanadaHelps web site for starting your registration.

Registration Link

Thanks again, for completing this process.

If, at the end of this, there is some problem or impossibility, then please email us.