Docs on Ice Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Each year, a player is inducted into the Docs on Ice Hall of Fame.  They are selected for demonstrating an outstanding contribution to Docs on Ice, and for displaying the true spirit of Doc Hockey, including  sportsmanship, camaraderie, and fair play.  The player is chosen by the Docs on Ice Executive Committee.


  1. Don Armstrong – Guelph
  2. Rick Binette – Peterborough
  3. Bill Depew – Kingston
  4. Jim Faught – Burlington
  5. Michael Greenspan – Hamilton
  6. Norm Hey – Sudbury
  7. David Johns – Barrie
  8. Peter Kujtan – Mississauga
  9. Michael Marcaccio -Hamilton
  10. Walter Owsianik -Hamilton
  11. Bill Peters – Niagara Falls
  12. Bill Rogers – Peterborough
  13. Fred Thibodeau – Burlington
  14. John Nelson – Hamilton
  15. Garth Noad – Hamilton
  16. Jim Martin – Hamilton
  17. Ron Milne – Peterborough
  18. Mike Connolly – Niagara Falls
  19. Michael Kronby – Hamilton
  20. Andrew Affleck (2009) – Thunder Bay
  21. Doug Martin (2009) – Hamilton
  22. Jim Campbell (2009) – Niagara
  23. Randy Cross (2010) – Burlington
  24. Geoff Moran (2011) – Collingwood
  25. David Palmer (2012) – Oakville
  26. Rob Mascarin (2012) – Oakville
  27. None (2013)
  28. Eric Thomas (2014) – Stratford
  29. Chris Gannage (2015) – Newmarket
  30. Tim Lapp (2017) – Huntsville
  31. Rob Hammond (2017) – London
  32. Andy Leung (2017) – London

Dr. Rick Binette Award

This award honours Dr. Richard Binette’s outstanding contributions to Docs on Ice.

Rick is a founding player, team captain, tournament host and executive member from Peterborough.  Arguably his biggest impact is his mere presence, personality and the sportsmanship he epitomizes and that the tournament is built upon.  This includes the remarkable impact this tournament has come to have on local communities and charities.

The Binette Award is open to all players, rewarding the personality that makes a player a favorite teammate, opponent and citizen.  The awardee will be a player who balances their own professional and recreational lives for the good of themselves and those around them including their greater community.  They blend a competitive spirit with the higher principles of goodwill and respect for the wellbeing of others. 


  • An MD in good standing (personally, professionally and with DOI)
  • DOI participant
  • Exemplifies the traits in the award description
  • Selected by the executive on the basis of nominations received

Nomination Process:

  • One page maximum, submitted as an email attachment
  • Deadline: March 1
  • The nomination letter(s) should provide sufficient detail to allow the executive to objectively judge a nominee’s suitability
  • must be signed by 2 or more co-nominators, all of whom are DOI participants

Please send your signed nominations to the current tournament organizer by email prior to the deadline (March 1)


  1. Dr. Paul Cano (2015) – Niagara Falls
  2. Dr. Steve Ferracuti (2017) – Haliburton
  3. Dr. Peter Kujtan (2018) – Mississauga