Captains’ Updates

DOI2019 – Wasn’t that a party (we have pictures)?

Hi DOI Players,

In case the details are a little murky we have tons of pictures! Please feel free to download liberally.

The teams photos are high resolution and should look good when printed.  We will put all of them up as soon as possible and keep adding more photos as they roll in.  Send us any of the pictures you would like to share and we can post them in the catalogues in our Flickr photo albums.

Here are the final tournament results.

We are in the midst of preparing a DOI2019 report. We would appreciate feedback on what you thought worked well or what could be improved upon. Please let us know by sending us your comments to We pass on those thoughts and ideas to the organizers of DOI 2020.

Speaking of the future: get ready for a great time in the Soo on April 17 and 18, 2020.  Here is their trailer video

We’ll have one more update with the incredible numbers of for DOI2019.

Lastly, we know you had a great time. We  hope you feel like you got your money’s worth. Our volunteers worked really hard to make it all happen and we would like you to consider rewarding our charitable organizations by throwing them a donation via the CanadaHelp web site, by way of saying thanks. 

This one is totally tax deductible, whether personal or from your medical corp. 

Thanks again. We had a great time having you over. Looking forward to seeing you next April in the Soo. 



Last Captains update. 

Whew, we are ready. 

Not really many instructions left.  For the final schedule just go to our Schedule of Events page.

Relax.  We have a smorgasbord of fun for you. Enjoy.

No need to worry about your swag for signing waivers or administrative things on Thursday night. All of that will show up at your Arena on Friday morning. If you’ve not completed your payment for registration, we can do that with you on Thursday night. 

No Uber around here so we have arrange for taxis and a ride service named Reliable Transportation.  Don’t worry about getting from the arenas and parties to your home, hotel, … as we got you covered.  The ride service is “free” so make a donation to SOL via CanadaHelps, or drop something in a donation bucket to cover it if you use it, if you don’t mind.

Please don’t hurt each other. Try to avoid hits if you see it coming. If someone falls down or you hit them, please stop and help them up — they are your friend.  

We have Attitude Adjustors — hockey experts  — who will be watching your games. If they feel things are in the wrong spirit, they can stop the game and warn you. If you do not heed them, they can end the game and award a winner. We do not want anyone getting hurt. Except for the laughing muscles. 

Dress causally for Thursday Night and Friday Night. Wear team gear or colours or your jersey (the clean one). This is a party. 

Come and see us at The Sons of Lanarky Central Command down at the Crystal Palace in downtown Perth. Somehow we convinced the town to let us camp out in RVs. Nice tiki bar. Hot Tub. Crack a few cold ones with us. Play some ping pong.

Relax, we will have physiotherapy and massage therapy by Perth Physiotherapy Wellness Center and Fitness StudioBack on Track Physiotherapy and Health Centres and a hot tub by Cobra Pools and Spas Inc.

Don’t forget the Project Trauma Support Perth Legion After-Party on Friday Night. Some of them have travelled across the country to be here! Help them out by stopping in.

Bring cash! Lots of stuff is $5. Beer is $8 all tournament long. Drink tickets carry over from Thursday Night and are also available at the arenas on Friday. The food will be hot and read to eat by 6:00 PM Friday, so come on in. 

Head to Picnic Cafe to fuel up before the game. Open at 7:00 AM for amazing coffee & breakfast options. 1865 Rogers Road. Then head back to the cafe or to Weatherhead Brew Co. for lunch (11:00 AM-4:00 PM). Owned and operated by the wife of one of the SOL … highly recommended. 

Grab a Kleenex, because I’m going to get a little mushy here. 
It is not just the activities that make a great party. It is great people that make a great party.

The thing that I have found  most amazing is how this party reflects the SOL so much. I mean, who else would have home baked cookies after each game, and Sumo suit wrestling in O’Lanarky’s Sports Pub, and Gin-cillin and vintage pinball and massages at every arena and oysters in a canoe. And we have not even told you some of the best things. I can hardly believe the variety. And there is a theme: having the most possible fun we can, together. 

All have pitched in what they can. When one runs out of steam, another picks up the ball. Everyone plays their position. Everyone encourages.

Laser focus on the goal: EPIC.
These guys are a blend of fierce love of life and care for one another. I am so pleased and privileged to be a part of them. Shake their hands if you bump into them. 

So, drive safe, enjoy the trip down. We are ready for you. 

Listen to this on your way down. It should put you in the right frame of mind. 

Crank it up! To 11. 

Bob, Son of Lanarky.

Captains’ Update #8 – Mar 23, 2019

Captains please pass this message along to your teammates and encourage them to visit our DOI2019 website and  Schedule of Events page and follow us on Instagram. So much amazing is going out on that Instagram!


There is a door through which this cornucopia of amazing can be entered. It is called registering and getting at least $300 next to your name. 

Please, if you are not registered or paid up, just contact Trish at or call her during day time hours at 613-464-0204. She is amazing and will get it done with you. 

We want you to be here! It is going to be an absolute blast!


Captains, download the Teamsnap Tournaments App. Please note this is a different App than the usual TeamSnap App for sports teams. Check if your team is properly and fully rostered.

Get updates: “The oysters will be served in 15 minutes in the Rockus Room.” Yes, that will be an actual announcement that will be made via the TeamsSnap Tournaments App. 


The Sons of Lanarky have made some music selections. Start here or type in DOI2019 to Spotify or Apple iTunes and let the music roll! Arena WiFi might be sketchy, so download some selections, then crank it up!!  We might be able to help with the “crank it up” part too, you’ll see what we mean come Friday morning!

Why? We want to hear them blaring from your dressing room!

Apple Music Spotify
DOI2019 – SOL Picks DOI2019 – SOL Picks
DOI2019 – Country DOI2019 – Country
DOI2019 – 80s DOI2019 – 80s
DOI2019 – AltRock DOI2019 – AltRock
DOI2019 – Lanark Rocks DOI2019 – Lanark Rocks
DOI2019 – Urban DOI2019 – Urban
DOI2019 – EDM DOI2019 – EDM
DOI2019 – Old School Rap DOI2019 – Old School Rap
DOI2019 – PreGame Amp Up DOI2019 – PreGame Amp Up

P.S. 80’s music rules and possibly others lists coming up.


Do you want to be a bench coach for the Legends of Hockey game? Be right on the bench with them. (Maybe go light on the instructions for Billy Smith, Chris Neil, and Matt Barnaby.)

Sign up at the front desk when you come in the door Thursday Night.  Suggested $100 donation for charity. Only 9 spots. First come, first served. 

We will also have some of our First Responder and Hospital Worker friends coming along at the Legends of Hockey game. Welcome them! They do really, really great work. And they are really fun folks.  


Want to test drive one of these Audi?  We have 7, A8, Q8 and a RS5 coming for you to test drive freely. Yes, they have a breathalyzer. 

Starting Thursday Night and all tournament long at the Smiths Falls Memorial Arena.




Want a chance to win a year’s lease of one of these Audi, for free? 

Sign up with our Audi guys. Contest draw for 15 of you are going to get a “shot” at it will be Friday evening. Up to 15 Audis can be won! All free. Enjoy. 


Ever want to race this car? On a race-track? Ever heard of the Audi Experience? Talk to our Audi guys. Yeah, we are blown away too. 


What about virtual reality racing from Simwerks, 4 at a time. 

Yup, we got it. Starting Thursday Night. Sign up when you get there. 

Good news, you might just see this on another night too. 

Play with $25 000.00?

You could walk away from this tournament with $25k to play with.

How? Our tournament-wide, County-wide 50-50 draw. 

$5 per ticket. Bring cash, you are going to want to take a crack at that jackpot.





Captains Update #7 – March 18, 2019

Captains please pass this message along to your teammates and encourage them to visit our DOI2019 website.

Check out the updated Schedule of Events 2019 to get a good idea of what we have planned for you.



Check out the file that was sent via e-mail and make sure you and all your team-mates are on it.  E-mail if someone is missing.

GET THAT AT-LEAST $300 IN! You have to get it done before Thursday March 28th.  Toss the receipt if you are doing it yourself.

If you or your team are feeling technically challenged, our registrar Trish can do it for you, but she does not come cheap! For an extra $50, she will do all your registering and top up your account and complete the whole thing. Again, just so you know, if Trish does it, it will be $350 per person, not $300. Contact her at or call her during day time hours at 613-464-0204.

Game schedule

A few minor tweaks in Carleton Place and Smiths Falls. We added the dressing room assignments. It’s all here.

Friday Night Parties

Want an extra ticket? Email $100 We will write down the name and have it for you at the door.

Wondering what you will be doing on Friday night? 

Here are some room names to whet your appetite: The Rockus Room, The Barcade, O’Lanarky’s Sports Pub, VERSUS, Casino Rideau, Cafe Bean, The Escape (from the men) Room.

We believe you will somehow manage to have fun. 

Follow DOI Instagram for more reveals!

Then hit the after-parties including one hosted by the fifty Project Trauma Support volunteers at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch (26 Beckwith St. East) with the Lucky B’s.  This is at a walking distance from the The Old Perth Shoe Factory so just come over for more entertainment.  These volunteers will be coming from across Ontario and will be your time keepers, manning the registration tables, and be your first contact for first aid at your arena.  If you require any assistance at your rink, the PTS volunteers can be identified by their Project Trauma Support toques.

Thursday Night LEGENDS OF HOCKEY Game

Want an extra ticket? Email $50 for adults and $25.00 for children under 18 year old.  We will write down the name and have it for you at the door. 

This event will take place at the Smiths Falls Memorial Arena from 6:30 PM until 10:30 PM.

Want to play against the Legends, share a dressing room?  Just a little effort will get you there. Keep track of the race to play the Legends here

Come hungry!  Bring your appetite for special food, provided by Table Community Food Centre and craft beer by Stalwart Brewing Company and 4 Degrees Brewing Company.

Huge 50/50  – win up to $25,000! Starts Thursday Night.

Want to drive an Audi for a year free? Yup, we’ll be starting that contest too!

Our Legends of Hockey will be signing their jerseys — game-worn, sweat soaked, signed by all all of them. Sports memorabilia.  Custom local art work.  Trips.  Yup!

Follow the Wins and DOI2019 Standings!

If you want to see your team, division schedules, and receive real-time scores, updates, and notifications you should download the TeamSnap Tournaments App.

Here is how you can downloads the TeamSnap App.

WOOHOO. It’s happening!


Captains Update #6 – March 7, 2019

Captains please pass this message along to your teammates and encourage them to visit our website


Friday Night Biggest DOI Party Ever

We’ll be getting together in a 125-year-old former factory that’s been transformed into an incredible three-storey industrial space.Whether you’re all about music, food, craft beer (Perth Brewery and Weatherhead Brew Co.), conversation, espresso prepared by a top notch barrister and even poutine, we have a room for that.

Something this special does not get unveiled all at once. Follow our docsonice2019 Instagram to get sneak peeks. It is going to take 3 weeks just to let you know everything that we have planned!

It is located at the Old Shoe Factory, 1 Sherbrooke St, Perth, and runs from 6:30 pm to about 11:00 pm. Epic.

Then we let you loose on the after-parties, like this one at the Perth Royal Canadian Legion Branch in support of Project Trauma Support. Starts at 11:00 pm and who knows when it ends. 

Thursday Night LEGENDS OF HOCKEY Game

Be at the Smiths Falls Memorial Arena for 6:30 pm. Legends on ice at 7:00 pm!

This is where you watch Dr Raza Naqvi ($2350.00!!!) and his team-mates Wendel, Guy, Billy, Angela, Geraldine score goals against (so far) the top 3 fundraising teams and the DOI HOF/25+ year guys.

The top 3 fundraising teams are currently the Women’s Division, the Sons of Lanarky, and the York Stars but this can change significantly over the next 3 weeks.  Keep track of the race here.

Special food by The Table Community Food Centre, craft beer by  Stalwart Brewing Company and 4 Degrees Brewing Company, special events and fun. Then hit the after-parties.

This is when our town-wide, tournament-wide 50-50 starts – you could win up to $25,000!

Game schedule?

Need a peek? it’s here.

Follow the wins!

Want to follow the tournament, game by game, standings, real-time alerts and all? 

Make sure at least one guy on your team downloads the TeamSnap App and finds Docs On Ice.

Don’t worry, no data entry. We did that for you!

When you are registered with CanadaHelps and have $300 next to your name, we will then flip you onto the TeamSnap roster and you are ready to play.

So check out your rosters and make sure your team-mates are registered and donated up!
1. Google Play Store – here is the link

2. Apple App Store – here is the link

3. In app sign in using this your email address and follow our tournament, Docs on Ice.

4. Now you can see your team, see division schedules, and can receive real-time scores, updates, and notifications.

5. If you do not want to download the app, follow online

Max out your Lanark County arena experience!

Want to help us figure out what you might like?

Take our 1 minute survey



Captains Update #5 – Mar. 2, 2019

Captains please pass this message along to your teammates and encourage them to visit our website

Dear Fellow Docs on Ice.

Only 26 more sleeps until DOI2019!

The schedule?

It’s here. Yup, no 7AM games.

TOP 10 questions!

We have questions. We need answers. And, by the way, the right answer to #6 is macadamia nut – Survey

The Sons of Lakanky, revealed?

Wonder what your hosts look like? Are the SOL space occupying lesions, or shit out of luck? Here are some, er, pics and bios

Thursday Night Legends, revealed!

Wondering who will be there? Well, these folks will be there.

25 year guys, or guys on your team with 25+ years or in the DOI HOF?

We would love to know your team’s hall-of-famers and 25 year (plus) guys.

Here is our list so far – list of 25+ years players.

They will be awarded by the Hockey Legends on Thursday Night in front of thousands! 

Email us their names at


Here are the standings – Top fundraisers

Raza is still in the lead. How did 4 guys get ahead of Bob?

Bob said that his Facebook friends are coming for you. He just did a social media boost and is putting up the sponsor poster everywhere in town.

Remember that the top 3 teams get to play against the Legends on Thursday night. On-ice selfies, Wendel’s sweat getting on you, Billy Smith’s slivers in your leg, same dressing room:  memories for a lifetime. 

Want to have individual accident insurance for your team?

Want to have individual accident insurance for your team?Here is the form you can complete. Only $150. Send it in if you want it.

Next week: One word: Three-stories-of-epic-fun-factory-party



Captain’s Update: Feb. 19, 2018

2019 Docs on Ice

Captains please pass this message along to your teammates and encourage them to visit our website

Dear Fellow Docs on Ice. 

Only 37 more sleeps until DOI2019. 

We thought we were going to rush off to another PARTY, the big Friday Night Bash, but first, a few other points about PLAY.

Transportation when in Lanark

Worried about transportation to and from the parties? 

If you want to hire a bus for an evening event, call or email Angela at Healey Transportation or (613)-283 3518 or 1-800-529-2630.  This service will be provided for a reasonable price, depending on the distance (e.g. $250 and up to $400.00 for the whole day for your whole team).

Or chat with her boss Frank Healey. Nice guy. Brother of Greg and Mark Healey, stalwarts of the Rideaus. 

For taxicab service, we have made some arrangements via Lanark County Transport. We will give you their dispatch number just before DOI2019, so you don’t forget. 


We would like to laud Dr. Raza M. Naqvi from the York Region Stars. He has raised $1550.00 and is leading the race to skate on the ice along with Wendel and other NHL LEGENDS, in the spot light, his name on the PA, standing ovation.

Either he has a lot of friends and family, or he has very charitable friends and family. Either way, congrats, looking forward to shaking your hand, Dr. Naqvi. 

We know registration is different. If you are a captain, and your team is ridiculously resistant, then don’t do anything crazy, like registering them all yourself. Encourage them! Cajole them! Bribe them! Threaten them! They can do it! 

Over 450 of you have done it well, and we commend you. Keep at it! Read and follow the instructions

Have a “coach” or non-player on your team?

If you have someone that is not playing on the ice, but is part of your team (injured doc, brother-in-law, groupie) and they want to participate with your team in all the DOI2019 activities as abench coach, please have them register with your team as if they are a player. 

They only need to fundraise $150 and they can have the full DOI2019 experience, minus skating: Thursday Legends Game, Friday Epic Party, swag, after-game cookies. The more the merrier!

Please email with their names, just so we know who they are.

Not yet certain if you will be able to attend?

If you have someone who plays for your team, but they are not totally sure they can make the tournament, please have them register on your team

Then they can throw the email out there and collect donations, without paying anything themselves. 

If they can come at the last minute, and are not at $300 in donations, then they can quickly have a loved one top it up.

If they cannot make it, then they have not spent any of their own money. 

Thursday and Friday Night Parties – Open to non-players

Thursday night is a great place for your kids, spouse or volunteer-who-follows-your-team. Tickets are $50 for Thursday Night for non-DOI-registered persons, and can be obtained by emailing

Tickets for Friday night will also be available at $100 each. We do not advise children under 19 to come. It may be bewildering to them. You will understand why when we tell you about it. 

Other Reminders

We would love to know your team’s hall-of-famers and 25 year (plus) guys. Email us their names at

Don’t have accommodations booked? Contact your SOL concierge below and get it done!

Know a female Doc who plays hockey? Send her name along to us. The women-only division is really going well!



Captain’s Update: Feb. 5, 2019

Captains please pass this message along to your teammates and encourage them to visit our website

Dear fellow Docs on Ice:

Only 51 more sleeps until DOI2019!

Here at the SOL clubhouse, we have had only one fight: would the motto be “Play. Party. Repeat” or “Party. Play. Repeat”?

In the end, we have arranged both. Party. Play. Party. Play. Repeat. Repeat.

In this week’s update we would like to start off with PARTY:

The DOI2019 Thursday Night NHL Hall of Fame Legends of Hockey Party

We know you like to go out with your team-mates on the Thursday evening. We heartily support that, and we would like to provide an awesome venue to get your evening started with games, good food and, well, yes, craft beer, of course.

But we want you to delay the going out part just a bit, let the locals clear the bar stools, and first come on in to the Legends game at Smiths Falls Memorial Arena from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Who will be there?

 The Players

How about Wendel Clark, Darcy Tucker, Billy Smith, Guy Carbonneau, Matt Barnaby, Olympian Geraldine Heaney, Mike Krushelnyski, and more.

That is the start of a pretty fun party.

The Game

But there will be only 10 of them. You can’t play full lines with only 10.

Who will complete the Legends team you ask? Glad you asked.  You will! The top 6 individual donation earners will get to skate with the Legends team. Keep your stick on the ice and go to the net, is our suggestion.

But who will the Legends (and Docs on Ice heroes) play against? Glad you asked. They will play against you!  The top three fund-raising teams will form the opponents for the Legends.  Dressing rooms access, post-period on-ice pictures with the Legends. Getting hacked by Billy Smith. Priceless.

And the fourth period will feature our DOI 25-year pin recipients and DOI Hall of Famers!

Get your 25 year pin at centre ice from an NHL Hall of Famer, in a ceremony befitting our Legends of DOI.

Can’t get in on either of those situations?

Well, good news, there is a way: we are auctioning off coach’s spots, 2 per period. Dressing room access. Be right on bench with the Legends!

The Tasty

And, did we mention beer? Oops. Sorry to have delayed.

Local craft breweries will be there. 4 Degrees Brewing Company from Smitsh Falls will be there, as well as Stalwart Brewing Co. from Carleton Place. Plus there will be a sampling of some of SOL’s favourite craft brews.
Not into beer? Top Shelf Distillers will be there, customizing your drinks.

The Table, a local food bank and good-food advocate charity will be providing an interesting variety of reasonably priced, tasty dinner options and snacky foods, so be sure to bring an appetite.

This Thursday night spectacle is the place to bring your spouse, kids or groupies. Friday Night will be just for DOI. But this is for everyone.If you want tickets for the Thursday Night Legends of Hockey Party, contact us at  $50 each for non-DOI, and a bargain at that.

Signed game-worn jerseys. Sports games. Great food and tasty beer. Sports vacation auctions. The whole arena licensed. Wendel presenting 25 year pins. Try on Mike Krushelnyski’s 5 Stanley Cup rings while chatting with him over a beer. Listen to Tucker explain the Alfie hit. Did we mention tasty local craft beer?

You really don’t want to miss Thursday night this year.

The Thursday Night Legends of Hockey Party. 6pm to 11pm, Thursday March 28, 2019. Smiths Falls Memorial Arena.

And then, once the fun is done at that party is done, hit the local spots with your team. We have warned them you will be arriving.

Next week:  And you thought Thursday night was epic. The Friday Night Epic.


1) If you have not registered yet, please do so, starting with this web page

2) The DOI2019 Women’s Division is going great. SEND US MORE!

3) Accommodation. If you do not yet have accommodations, please contact your SOL concierge below.

Division A –  Peter Cunniffe
Division B – Dan Kruszelnicki
Division C – Adam Nielsen
Division D – Anil Kuchinad
Division E – Graeme Hendry
Division F – Robin Kennie
Division G – Mike Horsey
Division H – Paul Miller
Division I – Ben Blaine
Division J – Bill Blaine
Women’s Division – Steve Radke and Lisa Moore lisajmoore@sympatico.caMedical Student Division – Troy Neufeld ion and Spencer Gutcher  and

Play. Party. Repeat.


Captains’ Update: Jan. 24, 2019

Dear Hockey Docs: 

Only 63 more sleeps until DOI2019!

Registration is Now Open

The Sons of Lanarky are having great fun making this year’s tournament an epic experience for you.

Here is an opportunity for you to make this year’s tournament an epic one for our small, highly effective, multiple, local charities.

In order to qualify for this year’s tournament, you will be required to register for the tournament and also accumulate donations totalling up to at least $300.00.

There are only two steps needed to accomplish this: A) registering B) accumulating donations (or paying yourself).

VERY IMPORTANT – No-one playing in the tournament can be named as a donor. Someone other than you must be named on the tax receipt! There is a way for you to simply pay for yourself, but you must follow the instructions we give you. 

We know you are trained to ask the question “why” and not follow a cook-book, but in this case, we ask you to simply follow the detailed, step-by-step instructions we have provided, complete with pictures and arrows.

Each step takes 1-2 minutes.

Good news, you will not have to do this every year. Once we accomplish this year, the data will always remain and never need to be re-entered. This is one-time work on your part and we appreciate you doing it, on behalf of all subsequent tournaments, as well as DOI2019.

The  instructions are at

For those who want it, the explanation as to why and how it all works is located at


We have not heard from several teams yet regarding their accommodation. Contact your SOL concierge if you need any assistance.

Please also feel free to contact your concierge if you need any help or if you have any questions about anything in the tournament.

The Docs on Ice 2019 Women-only Division

Know any female players that would like to play on a women-only team? We have about 30 so far and would love to have enough for 4 teams. Send some names and emails addresses our way at and we will follow up.

We have a team, named the Women’s Only Division, all ready for them in the registration queue.


Thank you for your help.

As usual, contact us at if there are any questions.

Next week’s update? Party-time! 



Captains’ Update

Dear Hockey Docs:

The Sons of Lanarky are very excited and working hard to make your visit to Lanark County on March 28-30, 2019 memorable. Only 72 more sleeps until DOI2019!

To keep you informed of our progress, we will be posting an update every week.

As captain of your team, we invite you to distribute these messages to the rest of your team and anyone you think would be interested.

Captains’ Update #1: January, 15, 2019

The Docs on Ice 2019 Women-only Division

Docs on Ice is delighted to be able to welcome women who would like to play on all-female teams in a women-only division during the tournament, which will take place on March 28-30, 2019 in Lanark County, Ontario.  What we need are enthusiastic female hockey-playing physicians who are willing to have a really great time!

We will assist with the formation of teams and all administrative matters.

Please encourage female players who may be interested to contact us at

We would love to have teams assembled by mid-February.


Any teams who need assistance with accommodations are encouraged to contact their Son of Lanarky concierge.

Please also feel free to contact your concierge if you need any help or if you have any questions.

Registration Process

We have been working on the registration process, which will be slightly different this year.

We will be opening the registration process by January 23, 2019. Further details regarding registration will be the subject of next week’s Captains’ Update.


Until then,


The Sons of Lanarky