DOI2019 – Wasn’t that a party (we have pictures)?

Hi DOI Players,

In case the details are a little murky we have tons of pictures! Please feel free to download liberally.

The teams photos are high resolution and should look good when printed.  We will put all of them up as soon as possible and keep adding more photos as they roll in.  Send us any of the pictures you would like to share and we can post them in the catalogues in our Flickr photo albums.

Here are the final tournament results.

We are in the midst of preparing a DOI2019 report. We would appreciate feedback on what you thought worked well or what could be improved upon. Please let us know by sending us your comments to We pass on those thoughts and ideas to the organizers of DOI 2020.

Speaking of the future: get ready for a great time in the Soo on April 17 and 18, 2020.  Here is their trailer video

We’ll have one more update with the incredible numbers of for DOI2019.

Lastly, we know you had a great time. We  hope you feel like you got your money’s worth. Our volunteers worked really hard to make it all happen and we would like you to consider rewarding our charitable organizations by throwing them a donation via the CanadaHelp web site, by way of saying thanks. 

This one is totally tax deductible, whether personal or from your medical corp. 

Thanks again. We had a great time having you over. Looking forward to seeing you next April in the Soo.