Docs on Ice Executive Committee

Docs on Ice Executive Committee

A) The Docs on Ice Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing Docs on Ice.  It manages tournament rules and regulations, disciplinary actions, and planning for future Docs on Ice events.

Its members consist of the Chairman from 2 years prior, to 2 years following the current year, in addition to previous Chairman who remain actively involved in Docs on Ice.  The Chairman rotates each year, with the Chairman of the Current Year being the Chair of the Docs on Ice Executive Committee.

The structure of the Docs on Ice Executive Committe looks like the following:

Current Year – Chair
Year -1
Year -2
Past Chairman

The current Docs on Ice Executive Committee are:

2016 Chairman – Tim Lapp (Muskoka)

2015 Chairman – Rob Hammond, Andrew Leung (London)

2014 Chairman – Chris Gannage (Newmarket)

2013 Chairman – Eric Thomas (Stratford)

2012 Chairman – Rick Binette (Peterborough)

2011 Chairman – David Palmer (Oakville)

Previous Chairman:
– Pete Kujtan (Mississauga)
– Geoff Moran (Collingwood)
– Andrew Affleck (Thunder Bay)
– Dave Dec (Niagara Falls)

B) The Docs on Ice Newmarket 2014 Committee is the local group that is managing the Docs on Ice Tournament in Newmarket on April 3-5, 2014.  This group takes care of all the planning, organization, implementation, fundraising, and management of the tournament for the current year.  This committee is formed locally by the host city, and reports directly to the Docs on Ice Executive Committee.

The Docs on Ice Newmarket 2014 Committee members are:

Dr. Chris Gannage, Chairman

Rebecca Sheilds, Canadian Mental Health Association – York and South Simcoe Regions

Chris Charlebois, C2C Sports

Matt Hill, C2C Sports